Valentines Day Flowers

Every year plan ahead and get your loved one a floral arrangement that will show them your love & appreciation. We offer many varieties with only the highest quality flowers and appeal. Below are some of our custom arrangements for this years festivities. If you want something custom, give us a call or stop by in person at our Menlo Botanica location.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is there a cut-off day and time for Valentines Day orders?

    • Yes, at…

  2. Do you deliver?

    • Yes, we deliver within…

  3. Do you have anything else besides flowers?

    • Yes, we have an assortment of plants, greeting cards, and other…

Valentines Day Tip #1

Order your flower arrangements at least one week in advance. It does not matter if you are picking them up in person or having them delivered - the sooner you can place your order the sooner you can reserve your spot. As all florists, there is a limited number of deliveries that can be made on Valentines day so do not procrastinate.


Valentines Day Tip #2

Flowers are great, but do you have a vase? A greeting card? Maybe something to go along with it? The right vase and message can mean the difference to the receiver so go the extra mile and make your day that much better.